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  • Alex Murray

    Alex Murray

    Alex Murray is a Staff Engineer on the Ubuntu Security Team at Canonical. He is involved in many areas of securing Ubuntu, including CVE triage and patching, code auditing and proactive hardening work. He has been involved in Linux security since his undergraduate days of designing a novel Linux Security Module and is the host of the Ubuntu Security Podcast.


Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distributions and is used by millions of people all over the world. It contains software from a wide array of different upstream projects and communities across a number of different language ecosystems. Ubuntu also aims to provide the best user experience for consuming all these various pieces of software, whilst being both as secure and usable as possible. The Ubuntu Security team is responsible for keeping all of this software secure and patched against known vulnerabilities, as well as proactively looking for new possible security issues, and finally for ensuring the distribution as a whole is secured through proactive hardening work. They also have a huge depth of experience in working with upstream open source projects to report, manage patch and disclose security vulnerabilities. Find out both how they keep Ubuntu secure and how you can improve the security of your own open source project or the projects you contribute to.