Paul is a second-generation programmer and a hacker in many dimensions including technology, startups, management and mental health. Starting with electronics and programming at the tender age of 13 in 1977, Paul jokes that he's had just about every role in 38 years in the IT industry. As a technologist committed to open source, Paul is a Linux kernel contributor (2.4.x, MIPS R3000 port) with a long term interest in embedded computing, firmware and operating systems development. Despite crossing over to the dark side and joining management as CEO at 29, and becoming an angel investor/board chairman at 34, Paul remains grounded in understanding the human side of technology and its applications. A firm believer in ethical business practices, supporting diversity in all its forms, and particularly the use of technology to better humanity, Paul currently devotes his time to consulting to medical research charities, helping others, and working on open source model railway technology.


Paul Antoine