Google Open Source at GDG Sydney

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Google Open Source is partnering with GDG Sydney to host an evening of food, drink, and lightning talks from the mentors and students of Google Summer of Code and Google Code-in.

In the 14 years since Google Open Source started running student programs, over 13,000 students from more than 108 countries have contributed 33,000,000+ lines of code to at least 608 open source projects. This is an event all about welcoming new people to open source and we hope you'll join us!

When and Where: Thursday from 6-9pm at the Google office, about 2-3km away from the conference venue (20 minutes by public transit, 30 on foot). Details on!

Hosts: Stephanie Taylor and Josh Simmons from the Google Open Source outreach team. You can reach Josh on the Freenode IRC network as bluesomewhere and on Twitter.

Interested Participants

Please RSVP on!